The CuriousWorks toolkit is no longer active - but it remains here as an important archive site.

The knowledge stored on this site is a result of the work produced through our grassroots programs from 2008-2012.

Visit the CuriousWorks website to see more recent work.


These articles will help you plan
your community project; build partnerships with local
organisations and network with relevant stakeholders; design evaluations for your project
and show ways to improve it
once it is up and running.

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This is a repository of workshop plans and activities for your participants. Use the Workshop Filter to search for workshops by activity type, subject, duration
and participant numbers to find something that fits your project.

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Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base is a repository of technical knowledge, tutorials, case studies and external resources.

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The CuriousWorks toolkit is, funnily enough, a CuriousWorks initiative.

In this toolkit we present our model for sustainably and effectively using new media in community. Our model has been developed through projects supported by Vodafone Australia Foundation, Country Arts WA, Myer Foundation, Cultural Development Network and Australia Council for the Arts.

It has been built in collaboration with many local government and community organisations in the wonderful communities of Liverpool, Western Sydney and across the Pilbara, remote North-Western Australia.

The toolkit's launch is made possible through the BHP Billiton Iron Ore – Legacy Project, presented by Country Arts WA in association with Curious Works and the Newman Community.